It is stated policy of the government that only goods and services should be exported out of India not the tax associated with them. This is achieved either by allowing purchase of inputs net of taxes or by granting refund of taxes embedded in the publication of final product/services. There are multiple modes of claiming refund. The decision to choose particular option depends on multiple factors. We, at H N A & Co., have in-depth knowledge of interconnections among various indirect tax laws, understand the intricacies in different refund options, undertake cost-benefit analysis and suggest best workable options in your peculiar case. It includes the following services:

  • Evaluating alternative modes of refund/rebates and suggesting best option
  • Designing system for generation of necessary documentation for preparing refund claim
  • Assistance in retrieval of supporting documents
  • Preparing refund claim as per statutory requirement
  • Filing refund claim with department and making follow up
  • Making representation in case refund claim rejected


Inverted duty structure refund arises where tax paid on input is higher than tax payable on outward supply. We advise the client in classification of goods or services under proper categories and evaluate if they are entitled for refund under inverted duty structure, support them in computation of refund, filing of necessary documentations and follow up with department to ensure that they get the refund. Various judgements in favour of assessee and revenue brings about more doubts than clarity.


There could be other instances where refund could arise. We have separate dedicated team working on refund practice to support the client in making all necessary documentations, filing and follow up for claiming the refund. For example, excess payment of taxes on a transaction not leviable to GST; Credit notes unadjusted due to lack of outward liability, etc..