Triple “A” Empowerment Tool – To lead an Empowered life

  • Category: Empowerment
  • Date: 30-07-2021
  • Writer: CA Madhukar N Hiregange

In today’s world where information and means to get it have become relatively easy, our attitude and response system has become a very important differentiator. Attitude depends on our state of being. All of us have varying levels of “being”.

Some positive empowered states are purposeful, passionate, joyous, happy, fulfilled, ever grateful, calm, peaceful, loving, motivated, inspired/ inspiring, enthusiastic, energetic, excited, empathetic among many others.

Some disempowering...

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How to manage Articleship and CA Exams

  • Category: Empowerment
  • Date: 23-02-2021
  • Writers: CA Nandini H Gupta, CA Ravi Kumar Somani

The degree of Chartered Accountancy does not come easy, the course involves a unique blend of practical experience with in-depth & application based subject knowledge. In order to truly qualify as a “Chartered Accountant”, one needs to obtain a hands on practical experience backed with an in-depth subject knowledge. This brings us to a very important question on how to manage both articleship and exams? Although, there can be various tips and techniques that one can follow, however in...

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