Transfer of Tenancy rights – GST impact on 'Pagadi System'

  • Category: Levy and supply
  • Date: 26-07-2018
  • Writer: CA Nagendra Hegde


There is a system prevalent in some states where the transfer of tenancy rights against tenancy premium which is also known as “Pagadi system”. This is similar to any other renting system that is prevalent across the world i.e. landlord and a tenant. However, the only deviating factor is that the tenant also becomes a part owner of the house but not of the land.  

In the Pagadi system, the tenant acquires the tenancy rights in the property against payment of...

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Reimbursement under Service Tax vs GST

  • Category: Levy and supply
  • Date: 12-03-2018
  • Writers: CA Madhukar N Hiregange, CA Venkata Prasad

Practicality of Reimbursement deduction in GST

The tug of war of the Revenue to include every cost incurred by the supplier in the value of goods and services and the efforts of tax payers seeking out deduction from the taxable values has been there in sales tax, central excise, service tax and now in GST. In this article we examine what exactly was the dispute in service tax (which were eventually decided in favour of the service provider) and whether the similar position can be taken in...

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