Leaders Vs Victims

  • Category: Professional Value Pack
  • Date: 29-12-2020
  • Writer: CA Madhukar N Hiregange

We at our firm have had as apart of our mission, one to develop committed professional leaders. We have done that for decades now – more than 100 + have gone out as leaders in their own right. In this process of improving others, we ourselves came to know where we were lacking and are improving to the extent, we were comfortable. We worked on our “weaknesses” (areas of possible improvement) and especially built on our strengths. 

We are proud and grateful to the boys/ girls going...

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Procrastination – The Immediate Gratification Monkey

  • Category: Professional Value Pack
  • Date: 10-12-2020
  • Writers: CA Madhukar N Hiregange, CA Ravi Kumar Somani

There is a saying in Hindi from the famous Kabir ke dohae “Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, Pal mey pralay hoyegi Bahuri karego kab.” and to that effect, in English, “tomorrow never comes”. The word “procrastinate” comes from the Latin word meaning “belonging to tomorrow.” Procrastination is an exercising of choice i.e. not to do something now and pushing it to the backburner. Studies have found that even the procrastinators who feel bad about their habit, procrastinate...

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All you need to know about E-invoicing

  • Category: Professional Value Pack
  • Date: 10-10-2020
  • Writers: Anand Sharma, Bichitra Bijoy, CA Mannu Kashliwal

Tariff Classification of Hand Sanitizer

  • Category: Professional Value Pack
  • Date: 26-05-2020
  • Writers: CA Vasant K. Bhat, CA Vikram Katariya

Issues in classification – Pharma Products

  1. Chapter 30 of the Customs Tariff Act covers classification of pharmaceutical products. The most essential characteristic of any medicine is its curative effect i.e. therapeutic use. Curative effect means its ability to cure the disease or mitigate the disease. Another important characteristic is medicines should have the ability to prevent any disease i.e, prophylactic use. The therapeutic or the prophylactic values are the basic factors to...
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